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I want to design a used car website, is there a good CMS to do this?

December 31, 2010

I am looking to design a small used car website where people can register, then sign in and post their car for sale. I’d like to be able to have a way for them to post a photo and fill out a form with info about the car. I would also like to have the […]

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Please suggest me some tips to create website design>?

December 31, 2010

Webdesign Tips : 15 checks must on a website while designing website

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High School Website design layout ideas and templates please…?

December 31, 2010

Hey watup…. Im in the course of IGCSE, im doing Computer studies, and I want to design a website for my High School. I know what I want to put into it… But my prob is… WHAT SHOULD IT LOOK LIKE ? if anybody has any ideas of what it should like, or has a […]

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Best website design software?

December 31, 2010

I would like some suggestions on what website design software is the best. I want to create a modern yet user friendly website for a client. Something along the lines of this site What are some pros and cons of software and suggestions that you have? Thank you so much. Use Ultimate Web Builder […]

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How Much Should You Charge for a Website?

December 30, 2010 – In this video, I answer the question of how much you should charge for a website. This video is targeted to web designers just starting out in this field and are unsure of the market rate for web design services. Please send me any question you may have to Thanks, ~ Mike […]

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Microsoft Publisher Web Design made Easy – Web Forms

December 30, 2010

This tutorial covers how to create form fields, submit and reset buttons in Publisher. I also describe the requirements for your ISP for the form to work. Because servers do all the heavy lifting or work of Web forms, you must contact your ISP to inquire whether they support FrontPage extentions or .cgi scripts. Duration […]

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HKZM•HKBCF International Design Ideas Competition

December 30, 2010

Please join the HKZM•HKBCF International Design Ideas Competition. Competition website: Duration : 0:3:31 Technorati Tags:

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Facebook Fan Page Website Design –

December 30, 2010 – Smartflex helps small businesses and entrepreneurs reach highly targeted audiences using custom Facebook Fan Pages that generate leads. We will maximize your social marketing efforts by implementing cutting-edge strategies that engage your visitors. How? With a complete social media marketing campaign: * Create and Capture Leads * Build Your Email of Newsletter List […]

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What is the best free website design service for a small business?

December 29, 2010

I’ve tried Geocities. Don’t use free stuff for a business; it shows, and appears amateurish. Besides that – why would you, as a business, want to advertise someone else’s business (which is what all free providers have: advertising) Web hosting and design costs can be written off as business expenses – use that to your […]

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What’s a good website for designing tips?

December 29, 2010

I’m looking into designing my room for very cheap and i need lots of tips for a very funky room. Here are a couple of sites I hope you find useful:|988619782 I Hope this helps you. Good luck

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