Business tips for top rank websites: don’t start with design

2 Business tips for top rank websites: dont start with designIn this business tv show, online marketing guru David Meerman Scott reveals what the most important elements of a website are and where the most attention should be focussed:

“I think there are three different focuses of websites and all three need to work together. But I think the most important element is the content and those three elements of a website are the content, the design and the technology that underlies it.
I think all three things are important, the technology is important, the design is important and the content is important. But ultimately the best websites are developed with content as the starting point. I always get a chuckle out of (inaudible) is given for the best books and the best magazine articles. Imagine if the (inaudible) was given instead to the best book cover or the best magazine article picture. They are not, they are given to the best content.
So I think the same thing applies to websites. The most important thing should be the content; the prizes should be given out for the best content because that is what people are looking for on sites. Driven once by content, with those other things being secondary but still very, very important.”

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