what is the best website design software?

what do you guys think of adobe Flash CS4 or CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer?

What is the BEST website design software?

To Be honest, Such things do not exist, Every software has hes + and – , But a very good, and Beginners-Friendly Software is Adobe Dreamweaver. This software is MADE for beginners, But at the other hand, While you’re experience grows in website designing, Dreamweaver Grows with you, What do I mean with this?
well, the more you know about website designing, the more you can do with adobe dreamweaver, but that doesnt mean, that if you’re a beginner. That you CAN’T use dreamweaver. NO Dreamweaver is suitable for Beginners To Professionals! But as i said, there is a – with every software, Adobe Dreamweaver costs 399$, But you can download the free trial! Just try it and see for yourself!

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