what is the best website to design and buy graphic t-shirts in bulk?

i am starting a small line of graphic tees. and i want to know what websites there are that sell shirts in bulk for the cheapest. and also you can design the shirt on the website.

thanks so much, avery (:

Try the sites listed below.

Ink Floyd will help you with your design and can screen print it for you. They are good people to work with.

If you have a design and just want to make a couple of shirts, check out the zazzle site. It is way more expensive but great for buying one and two shirts or for promoting and selling your products.

I do not know of a single site where you can create the design. You will need a Graphic Artist for this.
If you have the design and want to create the shirt, zazzle is the place. Even if you do not use them for the purchase, you can tinker with their software and resize and position your design and test different shirt stypes and colors.

I have used both and if you check out the retail page on the last link listed, you can see how the items from the product page were used on Zazzle.

ADD ON – I just found this site which may be helpful as well.


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