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Basic Web Design Tips Part 2 – Getting started in a design career (HD)

Published on February 24, 2011 By admin

Want to get serious about web design as a career or a serious hobby? Here’s some good tips to get started and to consider when doing just that. Note that these are just my suggestions and will vary from person to person. Duration : 0:8:7 Technorati Tags: art, css, design, development, Dreamweaver, expression, graphic, killer, […]

Chinese Lantern Festival – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Pigstyle Design – Freelance Website Designer

Published on January 28, 2011 By admin

Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. By Dean Chu – Pigstyle Design – Freelance Website Designer. I remember as a kid growing up in Vietnam, I’ve always enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. It’s a bit similar to North American’s Halloween, but without the candies. During the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival kids would […]