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Best Website For Desktop Backgrounds (Desktopography)

Published on April 25, 2011 By admin

Just this site I found, not sure how I found it but I love it, and I thought you guys might like it too. Thanks for watching. -Jakob Tags: Where How to find get the best cool desktop desk top wall paper back ground computer custom customize HD high definition design voice JG jakob gilmore […]

Website Design Features-Most Advanced, Up To Date CMS

Published on April 5, 2011 By admin

SIMJEN is dedicated to designing and implementing user-centred websites that give organisations a serious competitive edge, through consistent and clear communication to customers in a powerful medium. Our websites are designed and developed around a world-class Content Management System (CMS) that allows your organisation to manage and update web content without the use of complicated […]

Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong – SXSWi 2009

Published on March 3, 2011 By admin

Just as early filmmakers struggled to break free from the conventions of live theater, after 10+ years Web designers are still trapped in the structures of the past. Forget pages, linear text and other archaic vestiges of design’s print ancestry; the separation of content from presentation has already changed everything. Duration : 0:4:44 Technorati Tags: […]

Best Web Designers – Making Your Online Empire!!

Published on January 16, 2011 By admin

Ever wanted your own website Or Ever wanted to make money out of it and were unsuccessful? Dont be depressed! Now there is a team that can help you out and get rid of your depression. You are on the right place at the right time because we, the team of Best Web Designers popularly […]

Web 2.0 Expo SF 2010: June Cohen, “Ideas Worth Spreading: TED’s Transition…”

Published on December 26, 2010 By admin

June Cohen (TED Conferences), “Ideas Worth Spreading: TED’s Transition from Conference to Platform” Duration : 0:20:2 Technorati Tags: conference, design, development, expo, oreilly, oreillymedia, technology, techweb, tradeshow, UBMtechweb, web, Web 2.0, web2, web20