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Changing of web site design

Published on February 24, 2011 By admin

The tutorial shows the way of changing the design on your uCoz website Create a free website at http://ucoz.com See more videos at http://video.ucoz.com Duration : 0:0:47 Technorati Tags: best web design, best website design, custom website design, free website design, professional web design, web design, web design company, web design services, Web Designer, web […]

How To Design a Free Website With Free Hosting Part 1 of 3- Chris Rutz

Published on February 19, 2011 By admin

http://www.UnitedMarketingSystem.com How To Create a free capture page with free hosting! Bottom line, you must have a way to capture your prospects name and email if you ever expect to develop a successful business. The Money Is In The List!! Of course there are several way you can obtain a capture page. 1) Pay someone […]