High School Website design layout ideas and templates please…?

Hey watup….

Im in the course of IGCSE, im doing Computer studies, and I want to design a website for my High School. I know what I want to put into it…

But my prob is… WHAT SHOULD IT LOOK LIKE ?

if anybody has any ideas of what it should like, or has a website where i can get free layouts for school websites or anything at all, that is helpful…

Im doing this as my coursework, and i would really appreciate the help.

Thankx in advance guys


It really is up to you as to how you want it to look. Just a few pointers : You can use the school mascot , school colors, etc. (if you have permission). And you will want it to look "clean", no clipart or cartoon like images. Remember the website will represent the faculty and staff as well as the students.

Email me, I may be able to help you design it. Click on my profile and then click on the email icon.

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