I need some ideas for a website design. Can anybody help me?

I am designing a website for my college portfolio and I am looking for some ideas for designs that I can create / modify. I am fresh out of ideas, apart from one that looks something like a fashion models portfolio.

My portfolio will be on the internet, and I would like something quite catchy. It has to be similar to my personal style, and I don’t mind using my photo if it fits, but I would prefer not to. I don’t want to use any pre-made templates, otherwise it’s not my work.

My style is a mix between rock, punk, r’n'b and pop. Kind of an urban "skater boy", if you like. I would put screen shots of some of the things I have done to illustrate my work (so spaces for these would be really good), and possible put live examples of some of the work, server space permitting.

If you can give me some basic ideas to go off, it would be pretty good. Whether or not you want it, you will be credited with the idea, because it is still your idea, not mine.
A bit more info, if you need it:

I’m going to be using Dreamweaver and Photoshop for the basic page. I can use Flash, if you have anything that needs it, or looks better in it. Any help you can give me would be really appreciated.

you can download some free design templates from the web and then you can modify it and create your own website using dreamweaver,
Just type in free design templates in google and you’ll get thousands of free choices.

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