i need to design a website, any ideas?

im currently in year12 and for my HSC i need to create a multimedia major project
ive chose to create a website
i just need a few good ideas on what my website should be about or what should be in it
any suggestions/ideas are welcome
thanks in advance
will be using dreamweaver, Php, html, javascript, and any others, cant think of them all at the moment

A really good option is to call some non-profit organizations around your area that either don’t have a website, or need one redesigned. Just explain that it’s for a big project you have, and it wouldn’t cost them anything (except obviouslly the hosting/domain).

1. It’s a nice thing to do.
2. You don’t have to waste time thinking about what to put on the site or how to make it, they probably have that all in their head already. You just gotta do it.
3. It’s good real world experience, and something you could place in your portfolio if you were going into design/development.
4. I believe it could be considered a tax write off icon wink i need to design a website, any ideas?

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