Interior Design… Bedroom, Ralph Lauren

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Decorating. Best Interior Design on YouTube. San Diego’s Top Interior Designer, Rebecca Robeson and her team make over a Guest BEDROOM just days away from the arrival of the new baby. Now Grandparents have a lovely room to stay in while attending to the new baby and mother. Watch to see how much work goes into something as simple as a Bedroom and Bathroom remodel. A cozy bedroom in a rustic, traditional style using Ralph Lauren bedding.
Bedroom Decorating
Ralph Lauren bedding
grass wall covering
plasma television
Writing desk
art and accessories
Bedroom furniture from Stanley Furniture
Benjamin Moore paint
Custom hand-forged wrought iron
Window Treatments custom designed by Rebecca Robeson

Music from Premium Beats:
One Day: Pete Morse
Tough Kids: Delicate Beats
Uplifted: Chris Haigh
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Music by: Scott Robeson . . a Robeson Design original

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