Website design ideas! give wat you think a website needs!!?

i am making a website and i just need some ideas to get the flow going

Well, I personally think (from my expeirence, I have a website too), that it needs:

Organization : Visitors dislike sites that clutterly, and messy.

Colors: Make sure the colors all flow together, don’t use a combination bright of colors.

Grammer: Spellling, Grammer, and punctuation, is an imporant attriubte when its comes to a website. Visitors dislike sloppy wriiting like this > HeY WhAtS Up?, and your grammer must be neat. Try to avoid making words shorter like this Plezz, or c’mon.

Theme: Make sure you have a good theme! And have a cool tagline for your site! Make it look presentable.

Personiality: Don’t be too bossy! Visitors dislike people are stuck on themselves, and who are rudly demanding. Just make your rules for your site like Copyright info, etc nice. People who like your personilally will like your site, because you reflect your work through there.

Give Back: And always respond to people when they comment, or message you. Because you show that you care, and always are on top of anything.

And thats all I can think of! Good Luck!

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