Website Design Site Ideas Help Please :)?

My friend and i are setting up our own local business working from home. But we’re totally stuck with the business name, we literally have no idea what to put so we’re open to ANY suggestions. Short snappy and made up words are welcome. Thanks
well its just a website that will sell web designs which are made and pre coded, in the long run we will probably start web hosting, we don’t really want anything to do with our surnames

look in a dictionary for words or broad meanings that you could associate with your business.

for example, if your business is selling clothing, you could try messing with words like

cloth, rag, textile,

or even push it further with associations

wear, throw on, fashion etc etc

then from them you make a few combinations

the rag wear –

fashion throw on –

cloth wear –

etc etc, I think you get the idea.

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