Best resource for website design services?

I’ve started my own business and need a custom website design!

I’m looking for a company or individual (who is not emotionally invested in this business like I am!) to help me create the site, but then hand the reigns over to me. i.e. I do not need hosting and I already own the website address. I also have Dreamweaver so I can manage the pages myself – I just need another creative brain to lay the groundwork and help me get started!

I do NOT want to use a do-it-yourself template. Or any template for that matter – I’m looking for something more unique and custom (but not necessarily fancy).

Have you had experience with anyone you would recommend again? Any thoughts on this would be great! I have a rough idea of what I’m looking for, I just need a partner to help me get there icon smile Best resource for website design services?


Constantly updating pages with Dreamweaver may be the wrong direction for you. I would create a content management system that allows you to update your site right from the site itself. I build a site with search optimization and traffic in mind and I charge half of what many others charge and I can point you to tons of people who would recommend me and have told me so.

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