How much does it cost for web design and website developing services (like an average)?

I plan to install to install WordPress on the server and tweak the theme so it looks nice and branded. I don’t think that something special like registration forms or something else will be involved. Probably a gallery would be tho.
Probably I should have added this first. I am doing this for another person and I would like to know the average payment.

It really does depend on what the functionality of the website needs and how much you know and are willing to do yourself.

For what you want, probably free if you spend a little time researching what’s available to you and learning how to do some ofthe things yourself. Maybe a couple of hundred dollars if you outsource everything.

You can do everything for a website, design it, write it, create and edit the images, audio and video for it, develop databases, add things like shopping carts for it all for free if you do it yourself.

There are two ways to go, or maybe a mixture of two ways to go, use a online drag and drop interface or do the work on your own computer and upload it to your host.

You can get someone to design and create a simple static website for maybe $20 an hour on average. Maybe the total cost will be a couple of hundred dollars.

For a more interactive site, with all the bells and whistles you may be in the range of maybe $150 to $300 an hour and a website that will cost a couple of thousand dollars.

For something special you’re talking around $50,000 for the graphic designer alone with a total spend of around a quarter of a million dollars.

It’s hard to give an average because it depends where in the game you’re playing. Here’s a handy calculator that may help –

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