How much to charge for website design?

I am starting a small web design service to try and save some extra money for school, and was wondering how much to charge for:

Single page website.
- Logo
- Contact form/info
- Basic stuff

Three Page
- Main
- About
- Contact (contact form)

Five page
- Main
- Contact
- About
- Gallery
- Other

Are there any calculators or how should I base my prices? Thanks icon biggrin How much to charge for website design?

Please note I have never sold my web services before and only made stuff for people I know free of charge. I have about two years experiance in xhtml and css. They wouldn’t be e-commerce or have user databases or anything super fancy,

To obtain an idea of what others charge, call around as a potential customer and ask for quotes in a very general fashion. Then think of the time involved and do your math.

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