How to design my website myself,without any training in it?

Can I design a website myself,even though I do not know how to do it.

Are there any software tools available on the net through which even a lay person like me can design?

Please give me the links of all those tools through which I can design myself.

I’m from India.Website designing services are very costly.So I need your help here.


You really can do all of this yourself. There are tutorials all over the internet.

1. Find a HTML Editor – loads of them around and some very good ones for free (Visual Web Developer, SharePoint Designer, NVU, Kompozer)

2. Find a HTML template you like – last time I looked Google listed 200 million of them. You can write the code from scratch yourself if you want, but a template is easier.

3) Add your content to the template. Unless you’re using ASP or PHP you can test the pages easily on your own computer – just open the HTML files with your browser not the editor.

4) Find a host, either a free or paid, it doesn’t matter, except most (but not all) free ones will add adverts to your pages.

There’s lots of free ones around to try before you have to spend any money –

All hosts should provide a URL for you, for the free ones something like or

Later on you can buy a domain name ( or whatever) and point that to where your site is hosted and maybe move to a paid host which should give you more flexibility.

You can either upload the files to the host’s server using the editors built-in FTP (if it has one), or use the hosts uploader (if they have one) or get a FTP program like FileZilla – or WinSCP – and use that – the host should supply the settings you need. There’s also a FTP transfer program built into most web browsers and Windows comes with it’s own command line FTP program – just open a command window and type FTP.

5) Go through the entire site again, making sure every link works and every image displays properly.

There are tools to help. One of the best free one is Xenu Link Sleuth which produces detailed reports about your site and will check all your links work.

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