How to showcase my portfolio, sell web design services and hosting?

I´d like to put up a website to showcase my portfolio in design and programming, but I would also like to use the site to sell my skills and design and host web sites for customers. Does that make me a reseller? Is host reselling the option I should look for?
I would appreciate recommendations for which provider to sign up with, I need to publish sites using anything from Drupal to flat file html.

That depends.

Reseller account: Get this if your clients want access to their own control panel, have their own set of settings, and do this kind of stuff themselves.

Regular account: If your clients are mostly small business owners who aren’t technically inclined, you’ll probably be the one to do maintenance for them. In this case you won’t need a reseller account. A regular account would be better since it’s more affordable.

I recommend — they offer both regular and reseller accounts. You get unlimited add-on domains, so even if you choose a regular account, you could add and configure your clients’ domains very easily for no extra charge.

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