website design service / providing hosting for client..?

I just started a basic website service for people not wanting to spend hundreds to get online. I am just charging for my time and labour and ideally want the client to give me their credit card so I can set them up with a direct debit subscription with godaddy so their site auto-renews every year. I guess the only other option would be to charge them for four years hosting using my bank account. How do website designers get around this problem?

The answer is reseller hosting.
Your clients should know that they have to pay hosting fees each month to keep their website running and on the internet. If I were you I would get a reseller hosting account for as low as 24.99 per month, create a small website with a pay pal subscribe button for hosting, Have your clients visit you site and subscribe for hosting through you. charge them 5 bucks a month. You only need 5 per month to pay for its self.
Best of luck.

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