Website related services ???

I’m soon to be launching my website offering Website designing/developing services to individuals and small businesses.

Some of the services that I feel comfortable with myself (and hence can offer it to my potential client) includes:

1) Web Design (actual designing of the website)
2) Compatibility (for different screen resolution & browsers)
3) Web Hosting (through some company over the Internet)
4) Accessibility (for disabled viewers, such as colour-blindness so they can change the text background and colour themselves AND can change font-sizes, etc.)
5) Domain Name Registration (through some company over the Internet)
6) POP3 e-mail & forwarding set-up (through some company)
7) Web/Hit Counter (through some company)

Can anyone recommend me with anything I’m missing and what does it mean by:

>> Keyword & Description Setup (is it meta-tag & description ???)
>> Search Engine Registration
>> Search Engine Optimisation
>> Front-page extention

Can anyone enlighten or recommend me??

Sounds like you got everything.

For meta tags use this on top of your page:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<META NAME="COPYRIGHT" CONTENT="Copyright (c) by <insert name>">
<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="<list your keywords separate them using commas>">
<META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="<enter desciprtion>">

There are several meta tags you can insert into your page so I would add as much as possible.

Try going into a site where they will send your site to 100+ search engines for you for free by entering your information just one time.

I would recommend you send your url to google and yahoo separately.

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