Which Yahoo Website design and host package is right for me?

I will want to create a website for my handyman services. I will want the best design it yourself package as in: most options for creating site. I will need approximately 5 pages to start with and may expand over time. Pictures will wind up on site (job examples) and links to product manufacturers will either send user direct to manufacturer’s site or will open a new window to site. E-mail account with at least one address required. In the future I may have a need to provide a form for potential clients to fill out and an ability to send bid proposals out. Would prefer highest or next to highest resolution capability if applicable. Is the Yahoo web design/hosting known for exponentially raising prices after year one is done?

Thanks to all for answers in advance.

If you like to create websites (usually you will end up more than 1 website, I got more than 100 websites in about 6 months’ time), go for multiple web hosting services where you could host all your websites in one account.

I would like to suggest following webhosting , they are excellent.

Hostmonster http://www.hostmonster.com/track/ryukenden/

They offer hosting of "unlimited domains" and you will get massive webspace of 200000 MB (200 GB ). They only charge $5.95/month and they offer "a free Domain Name" and installing service called "Fantastico". By using Fantastico, you could create own forum, photo gallery, shopping cart (e-commerce),your own auction site and your own blogs within few seconds. They also offer "Free Website Builder" as well.
Visit the site to check details.

Hostmonster http://www.hostmonster.com/track/ryukenden/

Following site is quite good to register domains as price is reasonable with free privacy. Some charge about $5/ year just for free privacy.

IPOWER http://www.anurl.com/?TXIBE

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