8 Proven to Tips to Outsource Web Design From India

Over the past few years, companies and organizations from the West, both big and small, have been exploring opportunities to outsource their web design work to India, since Indian outsourcing companies have been able to carve out a niche with superior quality products and services at competitive costs.

All companies now recognize the fact that a well-made website with a good layout and simple, smooth navigation structure can hugely enhance the company’s brand identity on the web and establish its corporate presence firmly amongst its target audience within a short span of time.

Question is, how to get a good web site up and running while keeping costs low. Or rather, how to select a web services provider who has the required expertise and knowhow to do the needful.

While selecting an efficient web designing company, especially from amidst the hordes of outsourcing companies vying to catch your attention, keep the following checklist in hand:

1. Check previous work

The company’s competency can be gauged by looking at its previous work. Always check the company’s portfolio of web sites, scan for spelling errors, broken links, unopened images, etc. Also find out whether the webpages are search engine friendly or not and how fast the sites are able to download.

Check further how the products and various services are presented on the web site, paying attention to the layout and the finesse in the production quality.

2. Cross-check with former clients

Read the online testimonials of the former clients and contact them directly to enquire about the quality of services provided by the web design company.

3. Infrastructure and the team

The company you plan to handover your work to should have the necessary infrastructure complete with latest, sophisticated software and equipments.

The web designing company should have a team of talented web designers who are proficient in animation, Flash, HTML Photoshop, Dream weaver, CSS etc. Find out about the team composition of the company, the number of members and their areas of expertise. Not only should they be skilled but also innovative enough to come up with fresh ideas.

4. Understanding your needs

It is essential that the web designers make the web site keeping in mind your particular requirements and needs. A professional web design company will not hand you a gimmick-laden Flash-enabled design just because it is hip and trendy if it does not suit your specific purpose.

For example, if the main purpose of your site is to sell products, then a smart team of web designers would ensure that the product showcase is well laid out with each product getting ample window space, complete with user-friendly shopping carts and other features.

5. Communication

Find out whether the company responds quickly to your queries or complaints. It is important that you deal with a company which communicates with the clients on a regular basis and updates them about any changes or developments made in their web site.

This is all the more crucial if you are say, a US company outsourcing web design services from a country halfway across the globe such as India and depend wholly on emails and phone calls for communication rather than face-to-face interactions.

6. Ensures search engine friendly website

What is the point of spending hours in making a design if your target audience can’t find it? A good web designer is one who not only creates impressive web site design but also makes sure that the web site is high on web usability and is search engine friendly.

7. On-time delivery

What is the use of appealing web design or layout, if the web design company doesn’t deliver work on time? A good web design company must commit to a deadline and finish the assigned task within a fixed time period while maintaining quality standards.

8. Why Outsource to India?

A growing number of companies are out sourcing web design work to India as companies here have skilled manpower at competitive billing rates and provide innovative and cost-effective web designing solutions ensuring high return on investment (ROI).

Moreover, the professionals working in the outsourcing companies here are proficient in English which gives them an edge over other outsourcing destinations. In addition India has the world renowned technology institutes and IT minds.

A top-notch website design company does more than just develop your web site. It makes a web site design which helps you establish a strong online presence, attract new customers and achieve your business objectives.

Keep all the above mentioned points in mind and then outsource your web design work to a professional and experienced company in India which can best fulfil your requirements.

Gitanjali Verma

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