Different Types of Copy Writing Require Different Skill Sets

When selling through advertising, you’re faced with 2 choices, each of which you can expect to probably use frequently.  Those options are display and classified advertising.

We won’t deal here with radio and television copy writing because it is really not something many of you will be using until you have developed a lot of mail order experience.  Once you’re dealing with that sort of capital investment, you’ll probably have an intimate understanding of the fact that expert help is very important to the successful launch of any campaign, and frankly, electronic media are not our field of experience.

Classified ad copy writing is a very exacting craft, not an art within the way that display advertising is.  It involves following a few simple guidelines and requires little skill.  That’s why daily newspapers hire school and college students to take orders – and write – for their classified section over the telephone.

The initial point worth noting is that classified ads are sold by the word or by the line.  This has a bearing on the way you write your ads, because if the ad is sold by the word, you’re not going to create an ad that includes a bunch of “a’s” and “the’s” in it.  But in addition, if it’s sold by the line, it will be worth your while to include these words within the ad, as they’ll appeal to the better educated segment of the market.

So an ad in at a whole lot a line might read:

“The hottest thing in years.  It is a household wonder you’ll cherish for a long time.”

The same ad at so much a word can read:

“Hottest recent advancement.  Cherish this household development for generations.”

Both are about the same length.  The very first reads nicely in proper English and the second used big, powerful words which will make up for awkward structure.

Whenever you buy by the word, that will be the case in most markets, make use of the biggest, most action-packed words you are able to think of.  And while we’re in the subject of word count, just how you mark your address in a classified is also important.

If you are living on Dog Breath Lane, mark your address as 22 Dogbreath, except if in that subdivision, there also happens to be a Dog Breath circle, a Dog Breath Avenue and so forth, for which case Dogbreath Lane will do.  It is possible to usually get away using this ploy, since these  ridiculous two name streets are there to sell houses, not to satisfy the Post Office.  If you live in Apartment 12, you can usually get away with 12-22 Dogbreath, which saves you yet another word.  Never leave out the zip code, even a nine-diget zip code counts as one word as well as in many publications doesn’t count as a word at all.

In most magazines and a number of newspapers, your first word or line of type may be set in darker bold letters.  Choose that first word or two very carefully.  If you really want good results, do precisely the opposite of what most other advertisers are doing, or be different.

If you’ve got an income opportunity and CASH, MONEYMAKING or INCOME are the usual first two words, be a bit creative, perhaps with BROKE (no more!  Try selling doogles! or HORRENDOUS) (budget, a thing of the last.)

The very first word or line will get your reader intrigued, and no matter how huge the circulation of the publication, you’ll suffer horribly if you’re not bringing in the reader along with the other advertisers.  Those opening words are crucial.  Like the man said, you do not get a second chance to help make a great impression.

As Soon As you’ve created the hook, hold the readership by telling him exactly what you’re offering.  If it’s an ad to get more information, let him know what type of information and exactly where it can lead.  Then drop the cost on him, if any as well as your name and address.  If it is an item, in words that say a whole lot.  It’s okay to pussyfoot in a display ad should you decide can afford the space, but short, sharp, to-the-point is really what sells from classifieds.

One minor point or style to remember, if you’re offering a bonus, leave it to the very last.  ”Bonus with…” won’t work.  A bonus or free gift is offered for one reason only:  to hook someone who’s got not quite been sold by the rest of the ad.  The offer of a  bonus won’t work UNTIL they know what it comes down with.

Should you decide must do it yourself, here’s a number of steps you can take which will make the task a bit more successful.

Making utilization of the techniques we mentioned earlier, determine which benefit your client is a lot like to be most interested in.

Hey, there’s the lead for your copy!  In big letters, you are proceeding to flag your ad with LOOK BETTER LONGER!

You may wish to bracket it top or bottom by writing in smaller letters:

“Da-don’t-run-run hose can help you “LOOK BETTER LONGER” into the Da-don’t-run-run hose.”  If the client is interested in runless hose, you’ve got her. If not, forget it.  Anything else you could use to get a client who doesn’t wear pantyhose will cost your clients who do use them, and that’s a waste.

After you’ve got the preliminary benefit out in the open, either explain it or be quite sneaky concerning incorporating yet another.  So say:

“These pantyhose will give you the confidence in your appearance you won’t get along with other pantyhose…” or

“LONGER… and without blowing your  budget.  These will give you the confidence…”

but the simplest way to sneak in added benefits without the need of looking pushy is to say:

“LONGER!  Without blowing your budget, these pantyhose will give you the…” with the new benefit as a prefix.

And, oh, it’s so much more intricate than that.  It’s plainly a development in synthetic fibers that permits those hose to be superior, in order for must be included too, because the customer wants to understand why they’re so awesome.

Where do you discuss it though?  It may  be just as beneficial to get to it right following the heading, in this manner:

“LOOK BETTER LONGER!  Thanks to a new advancement in synthetic fibers, Da-don’t-run-run panty hose will give you the self-esteem in your appearance you won’t get with other pantyhose.”

Then the money aspect.  And just how do you really do that?  Do you really result in the sentence longer or start a new sentence?  YOU MUST WEIGH EVERY WORD WITH A SURGEON’S CARE!  And what about a coupon at the bottom?

Get a word count, and fix it inside pretty narrow limits or you’ll bore the readership or allow no place for graphics or blank space, which you must need to some measure for appropriate esthetic effects.

Discussing graphics, what will you must use?  Will you need to make your own?  (Clip art used by most dealers is awfully tacky.)  And heaven forbid, you create an ad founded on another successful marketing campaign by yet another company with similar products… and it works well that it sends their sales soaring!  It could take place.

There are many firms, probably even in small cities, that focus on print media advertising, and many do excellent jobs.

You in Canada are blessed, especially should you decide live in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal or Calgary, given that creativity runs cheap in Canadian marketing companies and you get excellent work, furthermore we’re sorry to say this but it will generally become more creative than American firms of similar size.

The fact persists, even though, that you know your product much better than the agency, and you most likely know the way you want to sell it.

By just how, we’ve discovered plenty of graphics companies have some frustrated ad copy creators who could give you expert direction at minimal pricing if you will just inquire.

Be ready to take in all your valuable ideas during the time you can get your ad completed.  Every bit of work you do on your own ought to be removed from the bill you’ll be having to pay for the task, as it lowers the time the agency or graphics house has to undergo to prepare the advertisement. Learn how to write effectively at copywritingtips4u.com

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