Does anyone have any tips on how I can start my Cross Stitch Design business fom home?

I’m thinking of starting my own home business soon using my own cross stitch designs, which I can produce quicker than I can cross stitch them. Does anybody have any tips I could use to start it? Or do any of you do this kind of work from home or know someone who has that might be able to give me some good tips?? And what about having/using a website to sell my work on? Any tips on starting it too since I don’t have a website yet but I would like to use one for this. And what about copyrighting my designs for both the website and the booklets that I would be selling my designs in?? Can anybody provide info on that or where I can learn more on it? I’m half deaf so phone use will be a major problem (which is where the website helps) and I can not work full time due to a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) I suffered when I was a child, which caused my deafness and hearing loss. Any tips and info would be helpful and muchly appreciated on these. Thanks.

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It may be less time consuming and more cost effective for you to sell items (or even set up a store) on Ebay than it is to design your own website. Most of your correspondence will be over the internet, which is a plus. BUT, you may want to consider getting a videophone for those times when you do want people to be able to call you. Go to The videophone and the service are FREE. : )

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