Is my website to cluttered? Any Design tips?

I am wondering if you could visit and tell me what you think of my new website design. I’ve seen it so many times and just need some fresh eyes to give me tips.

I’m thinking I’ll probably change the questions so that they span two rows next to each other.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I’ll try changing it based on some of those suggestions.

Yes, maybe your website needs a new look. I have been a web developer since 1995 and ultimately people want what they want. If your site doesn’t deliver the goods, no amount of bells and whistles will help.

I would like to comment on your fairtax idea though. I live in Arizona, which is a state that is overly dependent on sales taxes and has one of the lowest income taxes in the country. We have been hit particularly hard specifically because of the dependence on sales tax. Unemployed people don’t pay any income tax and they don’t spend a lot of money. But worse than that, even people who still have jobs don’t have a positive outlook on the economy and they have stopped spending, hence a fiscal disaster.

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