Looking for Celtic Inerior design tips and references =)?

I’m completely remodeling my bedroom and love Celtic inspired art. I’m looking for a website(s) or books that can help me achieve a Celtic look without just throwing a bunch of Celtic stuff in the room and calling it good. I want it to look subtle and beautiful not cliché. I want it to look Celtic with out screaming I bought a bunch of Celtic looking stuff with Celtic designs all over it and threw it in the room. I have an idea of what I want it to end up looking like….very organic and earthy but looking for pictures of finished rooms to draw inspiration from. I have an iron poster bed with scroll work and leaves that I want to buy and become the center piece…sort of like the Tree of Life symbol but want ideas and color palette ideas to pull the room together. Thank you for any help or references you can think of to help me. Rose.

I would stick to the traditional colors of greens and golds. I would do walls in a warm honey color. Bedding in deep greens with celtic inspired throw pillows in green and gold. You can find beautiful pictures of Irish or Scottish castles. Or frame travel posters of the area you like. Maybe a few celtic crosses grouped together on a wall. I agree that you don’t want your room to look like you just threw in a bunch of celtic junk. You might just want to add a greenman wall plaque instead of a picture if it is more the mysticism look you are wanting. Here are a few places you may find interesting pieces for your room.

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