Top 10 Tips to Enhance Creative Web Design

Today, creating a website is very easy. Just click the template you want and place the text. But why does one website appeal you more than the other? Is it the formatting of the text, color schemes, image properties, and many more such traits, which make one site far more visually attractive than the other?

Yes, it is not only these traits but also consistency, efficacy, and simplicity that matters a lot. Take a look at what salient tips can help you add spice to your website. In other words, read through top ten tips to enhance the design of your website.

Know Your Responsibility

It is important to know that everyone involved in creating a website is responsible for it – be it graphic designer, content developer, or a techy who collates files to create a website. There must be a balanced approach among these three heads. For instance, would it look nice if a website is powerful in content but no valuable images, logos, etc to illustrate the content further?

Know Why Your Want the Website

What’s the objective of your website? Is it to inform people about your know-how? Is it a means to enhance communication? Is it a means to attract traffic?

A top printer company for instance, chose to highlight its PR activities, its tie-ups with various elite firms, its ventures in near future. The main idea here is to let people know how prestigious it was rather than providing details of all the printers.

What would attract an online auction site? Perhaps the way it handles e-commerce primarily. It would therefore highlight the efficient shipping cart, effortless payment procedure, and quick delivery. So, create a website where these features are easily visible and navigable.

Make it Simple

“Simplicity is gold”. This age old saying stands correct while creating a website also. You may have numerous links, animation, graphics, or sophisticated content. But what matters is that the viewers need to understand what’s going on.

Ask yourself: do you visitors know exactly what to expect from the website when the go through the first few sentences? Does your website answer frequently-asked-questions or doubts of your viewers? If no, perhaps you need to re-design your website.

Place Less Sub-inks

Links are good. But too much of anything spoils the broth. Your website should support few links and sub-links. It should also be aided with “bread-crumb” navigation. In other words, website must not have links that go beyond three clicks. If it does, the site becomes a nuisance for most viewers. They would hardly go through the entire series of links.

Apart from simplistic navigational diagram, a website should be intuitive and user-friendly. Just take a survey to find out if a viewer has effortlessly navigated the entire site without any hitch. Does he know exactly what to find and where within minutes?

Make Easily Downloadable Website

It is equally irritating to find a website which takes a long time to load. If your visitors have to wait for minutes to see the entire page due to some heavy graphics in the website, you are defeated. However good and excellent the graphics or animation is, your viewer would simply go to another site. And, you lose your potential customer.

Offer Attractive Design Elements

Every webmaster would like to have a site that is able to “catch the customer’s attention”. While some corporate sites choose soothing colors to attract corporate people, others, like a florist shop, would have bright colors.

A toy shop would have lovely pictures of toys and how they are used rather than a monotonous excel sheet of product name, properties, and price.

Bring About a Consistency

How would you assess if a website is creative enough? Yes, it would surely use different images, animation, content – monolog or dialog. However, even though there are so many elements playing in a creative website, there is a subtle consistency.

Common features such as navigation bar, header-footer color, font, background color, etc should be consistent. These don’t bring monotony. They in fact, make the site prestigious, simple, and dependable.

Use Intelligent Content

Content plays an important role in creating a popular website. It should be crisp and able to reflect exactly what you want to say. For instance, buttons should have a proper name to justify its action. For example, if you wish to close the pop-up, say “Close”, but if you want to exit from the page altogether, say “Exit”.

Create Useful Website Logo

It is true that images say thousands of words. For instance, if you have an apt logo that reflects the persona of your company, you’ve said a lot in just one simple image. That brings a brand identify.

If you miss this chance of creating a logo that is useful, reflective, artistic, and suave, you’ve not done justice to your website.

Creating a creative website is not very easy as you have to bring creativity no doubt, but also justify why it’s best to be placed there. Apart from making sure that you don’t write volumes to compel the visitors scroll the page, make it a point to justify your actions every time to introduce a new creative element. Perhaps then, you would be able to enhance the creativity of the site.

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