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I am almost finished with a website that I’m designing for my church. Yesterday I ran it through a speed test and it said that the site would take over 5 minutes to load on a dial-up connection. I have noticed that even on my broadband connection it takes longer to load than other websites. Since I am new at designing sites I don’t know how to make it fast. Any tips on what I can do?

The website is (make sure you put the /home in otherwise you’ll get an under construction splash page)

I am using Yahoo SiteBuilder and GIMP for my design work.

Thank you so much

Yeah, you might have used the same speed test I just used:

…and your page (while lovely) has some definite speed problems. Typically you want to keep a page’s total size down to about 30K for 56kb modem users. Your little site weighs in at nearly 1.4 megabytes, almost entirely in images…

The culprit is the images. You’ve got a lot of them, and they could be improved dramatically for size without compromising quality.

First, save all images as .jpg rather than .png. While png is a terrific format, it is best at optimizing images with fewer colors. You can get much better performance by converting your images to .jpg. Try saving your images as jpgs, and then compare the file size and quality to the pngs. You’ll find the jpgs look almost identical but compress way down. (Just this may be all you need)

Consider which images you really need. The tan gradiant is beautiful, but you can make it a simple strip (say the height of your div and 2 pixels wide) then use CSS to replicate this image across the entire section. Also consider using the same background image on all the pages. This will help because once the browser has opened an image once, it will keep the image in memory, and the next page will already have that image available.

Best of luck, and I hope you made it through the floods ok.

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