Website Design – Close More Business With These Simple Tips

When designing a website many people make the mistake of trying to create a work of art, rather than focusing on the most important function of your website:

Its designed to sell your product!

When building a website make sure it converts as many of your hits to sales, With these proven techniques.

1. Keep The Front Page Small

People don’t like scrolling!

With more lap tops around than ever, having a front page that fits comfortably in a browser set to 1024 x 768 is best.

This will ensure that your visitors eyes can see the whole page and benefits you are offering without scrolling.

2. Hit Them With Your Key Benefits

Make sure they cant miss them.

Use it to draw your visitor into the site and off the front page.

Your key benefits can take up to 50% or more of the front page.

It’s important that their eyes are drawn to the key benefits you are offering and that they encourage them to explore the site.

3. Offer Them a FREE Product

Not everyone is going to come in and buy your product and service straightaway.

So offer them a free newsletter or report, related to your service so you can capture their email address.

You can then build a database and mail them regularly with offers and updates and close names that you would otherwise have lost.

4. Your Site Must Load Quickly

The quicker your site loads the better.

Forget flash intros and fancy graphics.

People are there to get information not to focus on art work, they have come to get information.

They should be focusing on the text and the benefits of your service and that means the use design sparingly.

5. Be careful with colour

There is not enough room to go into all the aspects of colour psychology here, but keep the following points in mind.

Normally it is best to use white text off a black background. You want them focused on the text so don’t colour backgrounds, which are generally harder to read off.

Safe colours to use are Burgundy, Pine Green and Dark blue.

Other colours can be used such as steel grey and black, but these are great for most websites.

Don’t use pastel colours they belong in your children’s colouring kits.

6. Don’t overdo the pictures

Use pictures sparingly a website is not an art gallery.

To many pictures detract from the text and your main aim is to get them and keep them reading.

They learn about your product from reading not by looking at lots of pictures.

7. Consistent & Easy Navigation

Navigation should be easy to follow and on each page, encourage and prompt them to contact you.

8. Text tips

Most people don’t like reading long text.

Make sure text is as concise and friendly as possible and break it up with sub headings.

Also don’t go for the “we are great deal with us”. Make sure you write the text in the form of benefits to your reader. “You will benefit from the following when you use our service” They can then decide for themselves how good your product or service is.

Keep It Simple

Your website is designed to catch your visitor’s attention, get them to contact you and to buy.

You therefore need to keep presentation clean and simple.

This does not mean you can’t have a good looking site but don’t go over the top on design.

Website design is there for one reason and one reason only:

Selling your product or service so never lose sight of this goal.

Sacha Tarkovsky

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